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The Titan sub is an engineering marvel, designed to explore the depths of the ocean. However, its recent incident where it was lost for a good few days during a mission to explore the Titanic has sparked debates about the safety of such vehicles. The fact that it is sealed from the outside with multiple locks, has only one way in and out, and navigated via bluetooth playstation controller doesn’t help alleviate our concerns. In this blog post, we will explore the Titan sub and weigh in on whether or not we would get in this oversized pressure cooker and drop 2.4 miles to the sea-bed.

First and foremost, the Titan sub is made for professionals. Its engineering design, material, and equipment are fit for dive missions where safety measures are taken extremely seriously. The sub is made of titanium and can withstand pressure of up to 6,500 PSI which is more than three times the pressure at the depth of the Titanic. The 17 bolts on the sub’s hatch may seem disconcerting, but they’re a necessity to ensure airtightness. The nuclear reactor onboard eliminates the need for frequent battery changes, which could be a hazard at the depths of the ocean.

Secondly, the bluetooth playstation controller that navigates the sub is a mastermind of simplicity. Sure, it may seem unconventional, but it works like a charm. The mother ship sends signals to the sub, and the playstation controller relays the necessary commands to the sub’s computer. The beauty of the controller is that it is easy to use and can be piloted by people who aren’t certified sub pilots.

Thirdly, the Titan sub is one of the most stable submersibles in existence. Its ability to stay upright helps avoid the “tipping” hazard while on the ocean floor. Compared to other subs, it has perfect visibility, room, and temperature control.

Fourthly, the Titan sub is designed to be airtight, meaning there’s little to no room for leakage in case of an emergency. In addition, it has a hatch on the bottom that opens to allow an escape route. The sub also has a transmitter to send distress signals to the mother ship in case of any emergency.

Finally, while the Titan sub is not for everyone, it is still a safe and efficient way to explore the depths of the ocean. The technological advances onboard take care of the significant issues that endanger human life while diving. However, even with all the safety precautions, the risks of traveling to the depths of the ocean can be a deterrent factor for some.


In conclusion, the Titan sub’s recent mishap should not deter us from appreciating ocean exploration technology. The sub is an engineering marvel that not everyone can maneuver, but it is safe and efficient in the hands of professionals. The sub’s onboard technology, coupled with its design and material, make it the perfect deep-sea exploration vehicle. Would we get in this oversized pressure cooker and drop 2.4 miles to the sea-bed? The answer may differ from person to person, but one thing’s for sure, the Titan sub is a beast built for the deep blue.


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