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Every entrepreneur is always on the lookout for potential business opportunities. It’s even more interesting when a millionaire businessman takes on the challenge of saving a cultural icon that’s been around for over 4 decades. In July 2021, Jared Polis, known to many as the Governor of Colorado, announced that he had decided to buy Casa Bonita, the Mexican restaurant in Lakewood, Colorado, that had gained a reputation as the “Disneyland of Mexican restaurants”. The news sparked interest locally and beyond, with many hailing the decision as a laudable one. In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into Jared Polis’s entrepreneurial spirit, explore what motivated him to make this purchase, and discuss possible implications of his decision.

A Brief History of Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita, an iconic Mexican restaurant, opened in 1974 in Lakewood, Colorado. The restaurant, famous for its pink façade, was known for its unique ambiance where customers could watch cliff divers, mariachi bands, and other Mexican-style entertainment while eating their meals. The idea behind the concept of Casa Bonita was to provide customers with more than just food; it was an experience. Over the years, the restaurant has hosted millions of visitors and has become a cultural touchstone in Colorado.

Jared Polis: An Entrepreneur at Heart

Jared Polis is a Colorado entrepreneur who has had multiple business ventures in the past, from an internet business he started in college to co-founding, which he later sold for $780 million. Polis’s entrepreneurial spirit has also been evident in his political career. When he was elected governor, he promised to bring his business acumen to his new role. Polis’s decision to purchase Casa Bonita aligns with his entrepreneurial spirit, as he saw an opportunity to save an iconic cultural institution while investing in a potentially lucrative business.

The Motivation Behind Polis’s Purchase of Casa Bonita

The motivation behind Polis’s decision to purchase Casa Bonita was multifaceted. One primary reason was preserving the cultural landmark and keeping it open for future generations to enjoy. As Polis stated, “Casa Bonita has been a culturally iconic restaurant in our state for over 40 years. We’re all incredibly excited about the opportunity to bring Casa Bonita back to the community and make it better than ever.” In addition to keeping the restaurant open, Polis’s purchase would potentially create more jobs for the local community, which had been struggling economically due to the pandemic.

Possible Implications of Polis’s Decision

Polis’s purchase of Casa Bonita could have both positive and negative implications. On the positive side, the restaurant’s revival could generate more tourism in the area and provide a much-needed boost to the local economy. It could also provide more jobs for individuals both inside and outside of the restaurant industry. On the negative side, there are concerns about the difficulty of renovating a restaurant with such a unique design and concept. It’s also unclear how Polis will enhance the restaurant’s experience without diminishing its beloved nostalgic charm.


In conclusion, Jared Polis’s decision to purchase Casa Bonita is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and his commitment to preserving a cultural institution. His purchase of the restaurant could have both positive and negative implications, but it’s clear that he understands the role that Casa Bonita plays in Colorado’s cultural landscape. It’s hard not to be excited about what the future holds for Casa Bonita under Polis’s leadership, and we look forward to seeing what he has in store.


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