ABC has greenlit a pilot for a new spin-off series of 'The Good Doctor' that will center around the character of Dr. Han - Respawn Insure

ABC’s hit medical drama, ‘The Good Doctor’, has been a fan favorite since its debut in 2017. The show has been praised for its realistic portrayal of medical cases and its attempt to explore complex medical themes. Now, ABC has recently announced that they are ordering a pilot for a spin-off series that will focus on one of the show’s characters, Dr. Han. This news has sent the show’s fans into a frenzy, as they eagerly await more information about what the spin-off series will entail.

Dr. Han, played by actor Daniel Dae Kim, has been an integral part of ‘The Good Doctor’ since his introduction during the show’s third season. He is a highly-respected surgeon who works at St. Bonaventure Hospital, and his character has become a fan favorite due to his unique personality and nuanced backstory. The spin-off series will explore his character in more depth, allowing viewers to learn more about his motivations, his personal life, and how he has become the skilled surgeon that he is today.

The new series will also provide an opportunity for ABC to delve deeper into some of the medical themes that the parent show has explored. While ‘The Good Doctor’ has tackled issues such as patient autonomy, medical ethics, and diversity in healthcare, there are undoubtedly more topics that can be covered. With Dr. Han as the central character, the spin-off series will likely explore some of these issues in greater depth, while also giving viewers a chance to see medical cases from a new perspective.

The reaction to the news has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans of the show expressing their excitement on social media. Many viewers have praised the choice to focus on Dr. Han, as his character has already shown a lot of depth in the parent show. Fans are hopeful that the spin-off series will continue to handle medical issues with care, while also exploring Dr. Han’s character in a way that adds to the overall narrative.

While details about the spin-off series are still scarce, fans of ‘The Good Doctor’ are eagerly anticipating more news about what to expect. Will familiar faces from the parent show make appearances? What will the new medical cases be like? And most importantly, what will happen to Dr. Han? The pilot episode will likely give viewers some answers, but until then, speculation and excitement continue to build.


ABC’s decision to order a pilot for a ‘The Good Doctor’ spin-off series has been met with great excitement from fans of the show. The decision to focus on the character of Dr. Han is a wise one, as his complex personality has already endeared him to viewers. Additionally, the spin-off series provides an opportunity to explore medical themes in greater depth, while also continuing to tell a compelling story. As details about the spin-off series are released, fans of the show eagerly await the chance to delve deeper into the world of St. Bonaventure Hospital.


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