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Sega Confirms Acquisition of Rovio – What Does This Mean for the Mobile Gaming Industry?

Sega’s recent announcement of its decision to purchase Rovio, the game developer behind the ever-popular game Angry Birds, has sent shockwaves throughout the mobile gaming industry. The $775 million acquisition is expected to be finalized by the end of September, and professionals in the industry are eagerly anticipating the outcome. In this blog post, we will explore what this acquisition means for both the companies involved and the mobile gaming industry in general.

To understand what the acquisition could mean for the two companies, we first need to know a bit about them. Sega is a Japanese video game developer and publisher, famous for classic game titles such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Phantasy Star. Rovio, on the other hand, is a Finnish mobile game developer that has become famous for creating Angry Birds, one of the most downloaded mobile games in history. Now, with Sega purchasing Rovio, what can we expect?

First, it’s worth noting that this acquisition will give Sega a strong foothold in the mobile gaming world. Although Sega has had a presence in the mobile gaming market for years, it has struggled to compete with the likes of King and Supercell. By acquiring Rovio, Sega gains access to one of the biggest names in mobile gaming and can leverage Rovio’s expertise to develop its own mobile games.

Furthermore, the merger could lead to new and exciting gaming opportunities for fans of both companies. Sega is known for its innovative gameplay, and by combining forces with Rovio, they could create games that incorporate elements of both companies’ iconic franchises. This could culminate in more games and better quality for fans of both companies.

Another benefit of the acquisition is that Rovio will be able to expand its global reach. Sega is known to have a strong presence in Asia, and by joining hands with Sega, Rovio could gain access to lucrative markets in China and Japan. This means the Angry Birds franchise could be introduced to a whole new audience, allowing Rovio to compete with other mobile gaming giants, such as Tencent and NetEase.

Moreover, this acquisition could provide a boost to the industry as a whole. The mobile gaming market is continuously evolving, and we have seen mergers and acquisitions involving some of the biggest companies in the industry over the years. With this latest blockbuster acquisition, we can expect Sega’s competitors to take note and start looking for similar acquisition opportunities. The market is expected to be more competitive than ever, with game developers finding new ways to create revenue streams and scale their businesses.


As the mobile gaming industry continues to grow and develop, Sega’s decision to buy Rovio could have significant consequences. The acquisition will benefit both companies, expanding their reach and allowing them to compete with other mobile gaming companies effectively. Fans of Angry Birds and Sonic could also be in for some exciting new games, incorporating elements of both franchises. This purchase could also stimulate other game developers to look for similar mergers and acquisitions that could lead to even more exciting gaming opportunities. Therefore, the future of the mobile gaming industry looks promising, and we could be at the beginning of exciting things to come.


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