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If you’re a fan of Ark Survival Evolved, then you might have been excited about the release of a new update. Unfortunately, the release of the update also came with some bad news. The update, which many fans had been waiting for, would bring about the end of the current generation of Ark Survival Evolved. As a result, fans will be forced to buy a ‘next-gen’ upgrade if they want to continue playing this popular game. In this blog post, we will look at why the game is shutting down and what it means for its fans.

Why Is Ark Shutting Down?

The reason for the shutdown of the current generation of Ark Survival Evolved is pretty straightforward – the game has been running for a while, and it’s time to move on. The developers, Studio Wildcard, decided that they needed to upgrade the game in order to take advantage of modern technology and hardware. The upgrade will bring better graphics, improved gameplay, and a host of other improvements. However, these improvements also mean that the game will no longer be compatible with older versions of the game.

Of course, this news has been very upsetting for the game’s fans. Many have invested a lot of time and effort into the game, and they’re not thrilled about having to start over again. However, there are some silver linings to this situation. For one thing, the upgrade will make the game look and play better than ever before. Additionally, promised additions and new content will be added to the game.

One can understand the developers’ perspective – upgrading the game would not only make it better, but also keep it modern and relevant. This is an important factor in the gaming industry, where things move rapidly and games can go out of fashion very quickly. Moreover, the standards have been set very high in the industry, and with each passing year, those standards only go up. The upgrade to ‘next-gen’ will bring Ark Survival Evolved on par with the standards of the industry, ensuring its longevity.

However, the anger and frustration of the game’s fans are completely understandable. Reinvesting in a game you’ve spent hours on, developing strategies and building things, can feel like a betrayal. It’s important for developers to remember how much work people have put into the game in order to ensure they are treated fairly.


The unfortunate end of the current generation of Ark Survival Evolved will, without a doubt, leave many fans disappointed. But it’s important to remember that this upgrade will bring more than just disappointment – it will bring development. The inclusion of new content and better graphics is a positive step for the longevity of the game. On the flip side, the developers should keep in mind the sentiment of their fans who have invested a lot in what they have built so far. It is only just that they are treated with the sensitivity they deserve. Every upgrade and change is a bittersweet experience for dedicated gaming fans. Here’s hoping that this upgrade for Ark Survival Evolved will turn out to be a sweet one after all.


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