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The Call of Duty Modern 2 Major 4 tournament was held this past weekend, bringing together the best players from around the world. This event is always highly anticipated, but this year’s tournament was even more important because there are only a few competitions left before the big Championship event. So, the stakes were even higher, and the competition was fierce. Among all the participating teams, one renowned team was able to clinch the trophy after an exciting finish. You guessed it right, the winners of the Call of Duty Modern 2 Major 4 tournament are none other than 100 Thieves.

The Call of Duty Modern 2 Major 4 tournament is one of the most significant competitions in the world of competitive gaming. The event witnessed 16 teams competing for the top prize.The teams faced one another in a double-elimination bracket, and the best-of-five matches determined the winners. 

Every team participating in the tournament was well prepared to win. However, some teams were more efficient than the others. The first round of the tournament’s winner brackets showed us that many favorites from the previous competitions in the league were not performing well. Nevertheless, some teams managed to grab the spotlight, one of which was 100 Thieves. They defeated OpTic gaming in the Grand Finals. 

100 Thieves’ match against OpTic Gaming was one of the most thrilling games of the tournament. 100 Thieves had already defeated OpTic Gaming in the previous competition. However, this time, 100 Thieves had a score to settle.This time it was 100 Thieves who took Major IV home. 

The Grand Finals saw 100 Thieves and OpTic Gaming battling it out head-to-head. 100 T are not knew to winning tournaments the previous Call of Duty Modern Warfare tournament and was in contention to win their second title.but in Modern Warfare 2 it is their first Major win  The match looked very close, with both teams registering one win each in the first two rounds, but 100 Thieves won the following two to clinch the championship. The final score of the game was 3-1 in favor of 100 Thieves, and they went on to collect the top prize of $500,000.


The Call of Duty Modern 2 Major 4 tournament was a fantastic event that brought in viewers from around the world. It was packed with excitement and thrill. Players across 16 teams showed their best form, but 100 Thieves, in the end, proved their worth as one of the top teams in the league. They had a fantastic run throughout the tournament and were excellent in their performance in the finals. With the win, 100 Thieves have staked their claim to be one of the top teams in the upcoming championship. For the fans of Call of Duty games and competitive gaming in general, this tournament was a must-watch event, and if you missed it, we recommend that you watch the highlights, as they are quite thrilling.


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