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On April 18th, 2020 Anthony “Methodz” Zinni announced his retirement from Boston Breach Gaming and the Call of Duty League. Methodz made his decision after a long history in competitive gaming, having competed in Call of Duty since 2011. He has been a part of multiple teams, including FaZe Clan, Team Kaliber, and most recently the Boston Breach. Here we will explore Methodz’s career and legacy within the gaming community. 

Methodz’s Career Highlights 

Methodz began competing professionally in 2011 with Team FeaR in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Since then he has competed on multiple teams including EnvyUS, FaZe Clan, OpTic Gaming Nation, compLexity Gaming, and Team Kaliber. In 2019 he was picked up by the newly formed team for the Call of Duty League (CDL), Boston Breach. While on this team he placed 4th at CWL London 2019 and 5th-6th at CWL Anaheim 2019. He also helped lead his team to victory at CWL Las Vegas 2019 Open Bracket where they won $125K USD in prize money.  

Methodz’s Legacy 

While Methodz had experienced success as an individual competitor early on in his career, it was not until he joined FaZe Clan that he became well known to many members of the gaming community outside of hardcore competitive gamers. During his time with FaZe Clan he won 1st place at MLG Orlando Open 2016 as well as 2nd place at both MLG Dallas Open 2016 and UMG South Carolina 2016. His time with FaZe was extremely successful but short-lived as he left their ranks to join Team Kaliber later that same year. His winning streak continued into 2017 when he took home 1st place with Team Kaliber at CWL Atlanta Open 2017 and 3rd place at CWL Dallas Open 2017 before joining OpTic Nation for a brief period later that same year. From 2018 onward Methodz would experience less success than earlier times but still managed to compete successfully with multiple teams including compLexity Gaming and most recently Boston Breach where he achieved 4th place at CWL London 2019 and 5th-6th place at CWL Anaheim 2019 alongside teammates Gunless, MajorManiak, SkrapZ, Simp, Blazt, Louie , Pandur , Parzelion , Xotic , Xposed , ClassicXBL , Lacefield & JKap .  

Methodz’s Contribution To The Boston Breach

Methodz, a CoD veteran, recently retired from Boston Breach Gaming of the Call of Duty League. Over his years as an esports athlete, Methodz won two championships and was a major part in helping define the league dramatically over the past two seasons. His professional career began with Infinite Warfare and is now ending with Modern Warfare. While fans have been disappointed to see him go, they are grateful for the time he spent competing in one of the most popular esports leagues in history. Undoubtedly, thanks to dedication players such as Methodz, future CoD players will benefit from what he has left behind — an example of true esports success.

Methodz has been an incredible part of the gaming community over his 8 years competing professionally in Call of Duty tournaments around the world. With numerous wins under his belt along with multiple high placements across various tournaments throughout his career it is no wonder why many members of the esports community are sad to see him go from competitive play though we can all be sure that Methodz will continue to make a lasting impact on the gaming world even after his retirement from professional play! As we wish him all the best on future endeavors we can only hope that more players like him will emerge taking inspiration 

from what Methodz achieved during his time as one of North America’s most successful Esports athletes!


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