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 Metroid Prime Remastered is a remastered version of the original 2002 Nintendo GameCube game. It was released in 2021 and has become one of the most successful videogames ever. In this blog post, we’ll explore why this remastered version has been so successful, and what it offers players.

Instant Classic

Metroid Prime Remastered is an action-adventure game with first-person shooter elements. Players take control of Samus Aran, a bounty hunter who must explore the world of Tallon IV to defeat the Space Pirates and collect artifacts from an ancient civilization. As with the original, Metroid Prime Remastered also features exploration and puzzle-solving elements.

Released in 2018, videogame classic Metroid Prime Remastered proved to be one of the most successful games of the year. Met with near-universal critical praise, the game excelled visually and mechanically, creating an upgraded version of the 2002 original that fans embraced wholeheartedly. State of the art visuals and a lush soundtrack set it apart from many other remastered titles, providing hours of intense exploration that was only possible through a Metroid game. While Metroid Prime had seen many different renditions across multiple platforms since its original release, it’d never felt so fresh or vibrant until this remastering. Few titles manage to encapsulate so much nostalgia and modern tech into one package, but Metroid Prime absolutely succeeded in its mission for revisiting a classic experience.

Metroid Primes Success

The success of Metroid Prime Remastered can be attributed to its impressive graphics and visuals. The game was built from the ground up for modern gaming systems, resulting in crisp textures and detailed environments that look even better than those found in the original version. The game also features improved character models, including more detailed facial expressions for Samus Aran.

Metroid Prime Remastered is arguably one of the most successful remasterings of a videogame to date. Originally released in 2002, the game has been given new life in both its graphics and audiovisuals, with sharper textures and improved input response. Despite being almost two decades old, the game still stands out for its compelling worldbuilding and Metroidvania elements. Its seamless transitions between exploration and combat make it an enjoyable experience that newcomers as well as seasoned veterans appreciate, making it an absolute essential for all Nintendo Switch owners. Thanks to its success, there’s now talk among developers to further remaster more classic titles in this era of nostalgia gaming.

In addition to improved graphics, Metroid Prime Remastered also includes exclusive content not found in the original version. This includes a new Hunter Mode difficulty setting which makes enemies harder to defeat, as well as an additional ending scene only available in this version of the game.  Also included are additional items such as energy tanks and missile expansions which help Samus progress further into the game world.  Finally, there is an online leaderboard feature where players can compare their scores with friends or other players around the world.  These features give players even more reason to replay the game multiple times over again, ensuring its longevity over time.

Metroid Prime: Remastered was an instant classic when it was released in August of 2019. With its immersive environment, innovative controls and challenging puzzles, players quickly found themselves eagerly exploring the world of Metroid Prime. Developed by MercurySteam for Nintendo Switch, this title brought the beloved 2002 classic to current gaming technology and the results were undeniable. The well-received graphics, revitalized controls and improved visuals enhanced the charming nature of Samus Aran’s adventure and brought her universe to life in a way never seen before. The result was huge success; fans that played back in 2002 rejoiced at the chance to relive the adventure, while newcomers were captivated by the story as they jumped into their own journey alongside Samus. Metroid Prime: Remastered is living proof of how excellent development and a timeless story can bring an old game into 2021 and make it thrive with a whole new gaming audience.


Metroid Prime Remastered has been a roaring success since its release earlier this year. Its improvements over the original 2002 GameCube version have made it even more enjoyable for longtime fans while still appealing to newcomers who may not have experienced it before now. With its stunning visuals, exclusive content and online leaderboards, there’s no doubt that Metroid Prime will continue to remain popular for years to come!


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