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Hey guys, have you heard the news? Nintendo has just blacklisted one of the biggest gaming websites out there, Kotaku. It’s no secret that Kotaku has been pretty critical of Nintendo over the years, but this move has still come as a surprise to many. Some are wondering whether this is just a petty move on Nintendo’s part, or if there’s something more serious going on behind the scenes. Regardless, it’s definitely a blow to the gaming community as a whole, and it’ll be interesting to see how things develop from here. What do you guys think about this?

Nintendo and Kotaku have had a long and complicated relationship. Kotaku, a gaming website, was founded in 2004 and has been covering Nintendo-related news since then. They have reported on everything from the latest games to hardware releases, and have been a mainstay in the gaming community for many years.

A History of Nintendo’s Relationship with Kotaku

If you’re a gamer, you’ve likely heard the news by now that Kotaku has been blacklisted by Nintendo. While the exact reasoning behind the decision is still up in the air, many speculate that it’s due to Kotaku’s coverage of leaks and spoilers for upcoming Nintendo games. Of course, this news has caused quite a stir in the gaming community, with some defending Kotaku’s right to report on the leaked information and others siding with Nintendo’s decision to cut ties. Regardless of which side you’re on, it’s a fascinating development that has raised important questions about the relationship between video game companies and the press.

Nintendo’s Recent Blacklisting of Kotaku

Recently, Nintendo has taken the unprecedented step of officially blacklisting Kotaku from their press list. Kotaku will no longer receive invitations to Nintendo events, such as E3, or early access to games and hardware. This decision is likely based on the fact that Kotaku has been critical of some of Nintendo’s decisions in the past.

While it’s not entirely clear why this has happened, it’s safe to say that this news has come as a shock to many within the gaming community. After all, Kotaku has been covering Nintendo news and games for many years now, providing gamers with in-depth reviews, insights, and analysis. Fans are understandably frustrated, with some even taking to social media to voice their concerns and outrages. Whatever the reason may be, we can only hope that Nintendo and Kotaku will be able to work out their differences and move forward for the betterment of the gaming community.

The Impact of the Blacklisting

The blacklisting of Kotaku by Nintendo will have a lasting impact on the gaming community. Kotaku has always been an important source of information for gamers, and its exclusion from the Nintendo press list will limit the access of its readers to important news and announcements. This decision will likely have a negative effect on the gaming industry as a whole, as it limits the sources of information available to consumers.


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