Bungie's Next IP Might Ditch Tiger Engine for Something New - Respawn Insure

After years of creating games using the Tiger Engine, Bungie might finally be ready for something new. Rumors have been circulating that the company behind the popular Destiny games is developing a new IP that will use a different game engine. While details are still scarce, this news is causing quite a stir within the gaming community. In this blog post, we’ll explore what this change could mean for Bungie’s next endeavor and examine possible options for the company as they look to improve upon their previous game engine.

One of the most significant benefits of switching to a new game engine is the opportunity to create a game with better graphics and smoother gameplay. While the Tiger Engine has served Bungie well over the years, it’s time for the company to take its game to the next level. This does not necessarily mean that the Tiger engine is outdated or ineffective because it remains a powerful game engine that has produced some amazing games. However, many fans and analysts feel that it is time for a change. By moving to a new engine, Bungie can unlock new possibilities and offer a unique experience to its fans.

The second possibility of switching to a new engine is that it may attract a new audience. Bungie has always been a recognized name in the gaming industry and has a dedicated fanbase built up over the years. However, by changing the game engine, Bungie can appeal to a new audience and bring in more gamers who may have previously been reluctant to try their games. While it is too early to say what the new engine will be, Bungie has hinted that it might be Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, which has the potential to bring in new players who are familiar with the Unreal Engine.

Another significant advantage of switching engines is that it gives Bungie the freedom to try something new. While the Tiger engine has worked well for their previous games, it may not be the right fit for their next IP. By switching engines, Bungie can experiment with new mechanics, gameplay elements, and features to create a unique experience. This change is also beneficial because it allows developers to explore new game development techniques that they may not have had the chance to try before.


In conclusion, the possibility of Bungie switching to a new game engine has a lot of potential for success. A new game engine could give Bungie the opportunity to create something new, attract a broader audience and take their games to the next level. While it will be interesting to see which game engine Bungie ultimately chooses, it is exciting to see what their new IP will bring to the gaming world. As always, we’ll keep our ears open for any new developments and keep you updated along the way. Until then, let’s stay excited and continue to support Bungie as they push the boundaries of gaming.


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