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Oblivion, the sci-fi action film starring Tom Cruise as Jack Harper, is now available for digital download with a Blu-ray Combo Pack release coming August 6th. This visually stunning film will be released in an array of formats to meet the needs of any movie fan. Let’s explore what these different versions have to offer.

Are you eager to watch Oblivion, the critically acclaimed sci-fi epic starring Tom Cruise? Now you can watch the film in your own home on Digital Download on July 23rd or wait a short two weeks for its Blu-ray Combo Pack with DVD, Digital & UV being released August 6th. Enjoy spectacular visuals and state of the art special effects from this post-apocalyptic adventure like never before in the comfort of your living room. Featuring an exciting score from Anthony Gonzalez & Joseph Trapanese and some intense action sequences that have earned four stars from critics, make sure to add Oblivion to your collection today!

Digital Download – July 23rd Release

The digital download version of Oblivion is available from various online retailers, including Amazon and iTunes. This version contains extras such as deleted scenes, a featurette entitled ‘Making Of Oblivion’, and more. It also features Dolby 5.1 surround sound that makes it even more immersive. In addition, you can watch the movie on any device that supports streaming video—including your laptop or tablet—making this version great for people who travel frequently and want access to their movies wherever they go.

Now is your chance to own the thriller Oblivion on digital download come July 23rd! Directed by Joseph Kosinski and starring Tom Cruise, Oliva Taylor-Dudley, and Morgan Freeman; this outer space adventure is a must-see. Set in the future, a lone repairman is responsible for maintaining the machines left after an alien race devastates Earth. As he discovers his true identity and purpose, every minute becomes infinitely more thrilling than the one prevous. If you’d like to capture all the explosive moments for yourself then make sure to pick up Oblivion when it’s released on Blu-ray Combo Pack with DVD, Digital & UV from August 6th!

Blu-ray Combo Pack – August 6th Release

The Blu-ray Combo Pack version of Oblivion is ideal for home theater enthusiasts who want the highest quality viewing experience possible. The pack includes a DVD disc, a Blu-ray disc (which includes Ultraviolet Digital Copy), plus all of the same extras mentioned above for the digital download edition. The Blu-ray also comes with advanced audio options like DTS® HD Master Audio 7.1 surround sound and Dolby Atmos®, which provide a full cinematic experience with clear dialogue and exceptional dynamics—something that can only be achieved by watching movies in high definition on disc formats like Blu-ray or 4K Ultra HD™ .


 If you’re looking to add a copy of Oblivion to your collection, there are two great choices: digital download and Blu-ray Combo Pack with DVD, Digital & UV. Both versions offer excellent features that make them well worth owning; however, depending on how you prefer to watch movies—at home or while traveling—you may find one version more suitable than the other. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy this highly acclaimed sci-fi action film when it releases later this summer!


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