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It is with great pleasure that we explore the anniversary of the Mother 3 video game. For those who may not know, Mother 3 is a role-playing game published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance in 2006. This is the third installment of the Mother series and is considered a cult classic amongst its fans. It has been 15 years since its release, and it is still praised for its beautiful storytelling, graphics, and music. In this blog post, we will go through the reasons why Mother 3 has become an iconic video game, what makes it unique, and what makes it stand out even after 15 years.

1) The story:

Mother 3 features an incredibly complex and engaging story that explores themes of family, love, loss, grief, and mental health. It follows the journey of Lucas, a young boy who lives in a world where strange things happen, and a dark evil threatens to destroy everything. What makes the story of Mother 3 exceptional is how it uses humor, drama, and symbolism to create a narrative that is both surreal and relatable. The player is taken on an emotional journey throughout the game, and it is one of the reasons why fans have cherished it for so long.

2) The music:

Composed by Shogo Sakai, the music of Mother 3 is timeless. In fact, its music is considered one of the best video game soundtracks of all time. Each track in the game captures the mood and atmosphere of every scene perfectly, keeping the player engaged, immersed, and emotionally invested in the storyline. From catchy battle themes to heart-wrenching ballads, the music in Mother 3 is a testament to the game’s quality.

3) The graphics:

What sets Mother 3 apart from other role-playing games is its unique art style. The game features 2D sprites with a unique look different from any other game in the industry. The game’s environments and characters are each meticulously crafted, creating a visually stunning world. Even compared to the games of today, the graphics of Mother 3 hold up and still look just as stunning as they did 15 years ago.

4) The message:

One of the most important aspects of Mother 3 is the messages it conveys. The game encourages the player to be hopeful, kind, and forgiving, and to champion the power of love over hate. It also explores the complexity of mental health and the struggle to overcome emotional pain. These messages are timeless, and they resonate with people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds.

5) The fandom:

Finally, the most significant aspect of Mother 3 is its fandom. Even 15 years after its release, the game still has an incredibly dedicated following. Fans have created an online community where they share their love for the game through fan art, music remixes, cosplay, and more. The game has also inspired other indie games, and its influence can be seen in popular games like Undertale, Stardew Valley, and others.


Mother 3 is a game that has stood the test of time. Its unique mix of storytelling, music, graphics, message, and fandom has ensured that even after 15 years, it is still an iconic game. It is undeniable that Mother 3 has played a significant role in shaping the video game industry, and its influence can still be seen today. As we celebrate its anniversary, we can only hope that more people get to experience the joy, suspense, and emotions that this game has to offer. Thank you for coming on this journey with us, and may we remember and cherish Mother 3 for many more years to come.


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