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The Halo Championship Series’ (HCS) Kickoff Major Charlotte 2023 was an intense competition that came down to the wire. After three days of grueling matches, it was Optic Gaming who emerged victorious and put their name in the history books as the first champions of this new era in competitive Halo esports.

The tournament saw some of the best teams from across North America come together and battle for glory in a double-elimination format. The stakes were high, with 100,000 dollars up for grabs for the winners. However, despite the level of competition being incredibly high, it was Optic Gaming who eventually emerged as champions after an intense final series against Faze Clan.

Play Offs Performance

Optic Gaming breezed through the bracket with not much of anyone giving them a challenge until the finals. This impressive feat is a testament to their skill and coordination as a team, as they managed to outplay each team that they faced without ever looking truly threatened. Each member of Optic Gaming posted impressive stats throughout the tournament, but it was Trippy who really stole the spotlight this tournament putting up incredible numbers.

Optic Gaming were crowned champions at the HCS Kickoff Major Charlotte 2023, dominating Faze in the finals. Optic Gaming outplayed Faze to clinch the win, with their skills on Halo Infinite highlighted as key to their victory. Optic Gaming had an incredible tournament, going undefeated en-route to first place and their championship title. As Optic Gaming basked in glory after winning the championship, Faze had to settle for second place. All eyes are now on Optic Gaming as they go forward into future tournaments; Optic will no doubt be looking at bigger and better goals as they attempt to maintain their impressive streak of success.

Optic Takes It Home

Optic Gaming recently secured the title of champions at the HCS Kickoff Major Charlotte 2023 within Halo Infinite. Optic’s ability to adapt and consistently perform on the highest level in competitive gaming paid off as they pushed their way through a grueling series of competition. Optic Gaming’s brotherhood is not just known worldwide, but also a clear strength as Faze Clan claimed second place runner up after Optics impressive 4-3 victory. Congratulations Optic Gaming on your glorious success!

The victory marks an important milestone for Optic Gaming and sets them up nicely for future tournaments. This win will undoubtedly give them a huge boost in confidence going forward, which could make for some exciting matches down the line in this new era of Halo esports.


Overall, the HCS Kickoff Major Charlotte 2023 was an incredible event that provided us with some amazing games and moments over its three days of play. In addition to crowning Optic Gaming as its champions, it also served as a great introduction to this new era of Halo esports and showed just how much potential there is within this scene going forward. Congratulations again to Optic Gaming on becoming champions at this prestigious event! We can’t wait to see what comes next!


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