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Ubisoft, the world-renowned video game developer, has unveiled a new AI tool that aims to support scriptwriters by generating first drafts of NPC dialogue. This is a groundbreaking development in the gaming industry, as it introduces a whole new set of possibilities for storytellers and developers alike. Let’s take a closer look at this AI tool and what it could mean for the future of gaming.

The AI Tool in Action

The AI tool, called ‘Immersion’, uses machine learning algorithms to generate lines of dialogue for NPCs (non-player characters). It uses existing scripts from previous games to create its own unique dialogue based on the characters’ personalities and their interactions with each other. The generated dialogue can then be edited, revised and improved by professional scriptwriters before being implemented into the game. According to Ubisoft, this technology is meant to save time and effort on behalf of writers who are tasked with creating hundreds or even thousands of lines of dialogue for any given game.

Ubisoft has unveiled an exciting new AI tool that aims to revolutionize scripting for video games. Named ‘Kesta’, the artificial intelligence-driven technology will generate first drafts of nonplayer character (NPC) dialogue, making it easier and more efficient for scriptwriters to create immersive stories. The innovative program assigns themes to NPC dialogue based on the task being assigned and is continually learning from the processes and interactions of gameplay, adapting to offer an ever-expanding range of possibilities. This monumental advancement has already captured the attention of some of the biggest players in gaming and storytelling, allowing creatives to craft more engaging and complete storylines whilst saving time in production. Ubisoft’s Kesta is certainly set to change the face of game scripting as we know it.

How Immersion Could Change Gaming

This AI tool could have far-reaching effects on the gaming industry as a whole. With Immersion, developers will now have access to an ever-evolving library of unique dialogue options that they can use in their games. This opens up exciting possibilities in terms of storytelling, character development and narrative design – something that was previously not possible without hours upon hours of manual labor from professional scriptwriters. Furthermore, Immersion could also provide more realistic conversations between NPCs which would make gameplay more immersive and engaging for players.

Ubisoft recently made headlines after announcing their newest artificial intelligence (AI) tool. This unique AI is designed to aid scriptwriters in creating dialogue for non playable characters (NPCs). Its intention is to make the creative process easier by generating a first draft of NPC dialogue that can be edited or rewritten by developers. Initial reactions from industry professionals have been very positive, with potential users excited about the possibility of receiving more personalized support for their scriptwriting needs. While this AI isn’t intended to completely replace manual writing and editing, it may surprisingly provide useful insights into NPC narrative development. At the very least, this new tool from Ubisoft could possibly become an invaluable asset to the games industry’s many talented writers, who are looking for innovative ways to expand their craftsmanship.


In conclusion, Ubisoft’s new AI tool ‘Immersion’ is set to revolutionize how games are written and designed. By allowing developers to quickly generate realistic NPC dialogue without relying on manual labor from professional scriptwriters, this technology opens up exciting possibilities in terms of storytelling and character development – all while saving time and effort on behalf of developers. All things considered, it looks like ‘Immersion’ will be an invaluable asset for any team working on a game project in the near future!


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