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For many gamers, Battlefield has been one of the most exciting first-person shooter franchises in recent years. Fans have been eagerly waiting for any news about the franchise’s return. And after a long period of silence, EA CEO Andrew Wilson has finally broken the ice with some promising information. In a recent earnings call, he revealed that Battlefield will make its return in an entirely new way, hinting at exciting things to come.

The new iteration of Battlefield has been in development for some time now. Wilson stated that they have been working on the game for around two years, indicating that it’s much more significant than previously thought. He added that this version of the game will be built for next-generation consoles, as well as PC. Therefore, the expectations are high, and it’ll be interesting to observe how the developers push the boundaries of gaming in this new version.

The CEO also shared that this time the game will be developed entirely by DICE, EA’s Swedish game studio, which had previously shared the responsibilities of developing the game with Visceral Games and Criterion Games. EA closing down Visceral Games in 2017, following their work on a different Star Wars game, was also a factor that contributed to the delay of Battlefield’s return.

Wilson made a compelling case for why he thinks fans will love the new version of Battlefield. He stated that “it has everything fans love about Battlefield, plus new experiences that will excite longtime players and feel instantly accessible for anyone new to the franchise.” Additionally, the development team has been “pushing the boundaries with new innovations,” promising new gameplay mechanics that will “significantly impact” the way fans play Battlefield.

What new gameplay mechanics is the team referring to? While specifics were scarce, some speculations suggest it could be something related to the game’s modes. Wilson mentioned that the new release would have “epic scale,” which some have interpreted as suggestions of massive battles of 64 vs. 64 or even 128 vs. 128 players. But this is pure speculation, and we’ll have to wait and see what the developers will reveal in the coming months.


EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, has finally broken the silence over Battlefield’s return, promising an entirely new way of enjoying the beloved franchise. The game has been in development for two years and will be built for next-gen consoles and PC, offering exciting possibilities and innovations. With DICE being the sole developer behind the project, fans can expect the game’s unique experience, preserving the elements of the franchise that made it so successful. Overall, EA’s earnings call has rekindled the excitement among Battlefield fans and gamers everywhere and left us eagerly waiting for more updates on the much-awaited game.


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