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For avid gamers, one of the most anticipated upcoming video games is undoubtedly Clockwork Revolution. Boasting a unique and captivating storyline, and top-notch graphics and gameplay, this game has been the talk of the gaming community for a while now. However, the question on everyone’s mind is, when will it finally be released? After thorough research and analysis, we have developed a reasonable estimate of 2025 for the Xbox Series X|S and PC release dates, as well as its feature as a Game Pass launch title on day one. Read on for more detailed information about our predictions.

One of the factors that led us to conclude that Clockwork Revolution’s release date would be in 2025 is the in-depth development process that the game’s creators are undergoing to ensure it is a quality game. As we know, developer Foggybottom Studios has a reputation for releasing only the best quality games and is passionate about their work. So, while it might feel like a long wait for the gamers, we believe that the extra time and effort they put into the game will be worth it when it’s finally released.

Secondly, the game is being developed to run on Xbox Series X|S consoles and PC’s. We know that game development for consoles is challenging, and the added requirements of optimizing the gameplay to run on the latest most powerful consoles and PCs is time-consuming and often complicated. Consider the fact that they may also decide to release the game on a fewer number of platforms to optimize gameplay quality. As they work on developing for different environments, the time needed for launch could pile up, resulting in a 2025 projected release.

Furthermore, it is rumored that the game could be a console launch title on Xbox Game Pass, which is excellent news for subscribers. The developers could take advantage of this opportunity by providing a great gaming experience to a vast number of players on the platform. The idea of making a game that can simultaneously be played by many players does play a big role in development. The coordinating and planning required to manage the influx of players using the Game Pass could delay the release date.

Lastly, we believe that due to the pandemic, game development work has been interrupted. Developers have had to work from home, and the extra measures that people have to take to keep their work going add to the slower pace of development. They also lose a lot of the team dynamics time, which leads to slower development work. Therefore, game development and releases may take longer than they would have if work was done in-house. It is possible the game may even take longer than 2025, which would be unfortunate, but understandable considering the circumstances.


In conclusion, we speculate that Foggybottom Studio’s highly anticipated game, Clockwork Revolution, will be released in 2025 for Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms. The quality of the game, development requirements, game optimization, console and GPU support, and COVID-19 pandemic constraints are contributing factors to our prediction that the game launch date could take longer than expected. We believe they are devoting significant time and effort to making Clockwork Revolution an exceptional game for many players across many platforms, making the wait worthwhile. Here’s hoping we’re not wrong and it is actually released sooner than our predictions anticipate.


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