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Microsoft’s announcement of Windows 11 brought a wave of excitement and anticipation. The latest operating system promises to revolutionize the way we work and improve overall productivity, particularly for developers. As the world transitions into a more digital-first environment, the need for powerful, efficient, and agile tools has become a necessity. That’s why Microsoft has gone the extra mile to bring you two of the most powerful tools that’ll surely transform the way you work. Say hello to Windows Copilot and Dev Home, two AI-powered tools that empower developers more than ever before.

Windows Copilot: The Co-Pilot you’ll love to have

Have you ever found yourself struggling with a complex coding problem that seems impossible to solve? Windows Copilot introduces an AI-based solution that’ll revamp your coding experience. Think of Copilot as your personal assistant in the coding world. With Copilot, you can write code more efficiently by automatically generating intelligent suggestions based on descriptions of your code syntax. Imagine writing and debugging code with a partner that always has your back. That’s the power of Copilot.

Dev Home: Find everything you need at a glance

When working on a project, time is of the essence. Losing track of essential tools and resources can cost developers valuable time and productivity. Dev Home addresses this problem with an AI-powered tool that provides easy access to your favorite Code Editor, Terminal, and Taskbar shortcuts. With Dev Home, you can create custom placeholder templates, launch your favorite apps with one click, and quickly access essential tools such as GitHub, Visual Studio, and Azure DevOps

Seamless integration with all of your favorite apps

Windows Copilot and Dev Home work well with other applications and tools used by developers worldwide. With Copilot, you can use any Code Editor that supports the LLVM/Clang compilation toolchain. Dev Home integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio Code, Azure Command-Line Interface, PowerShell, and Linux shells such as Ubuntu and WSL. Say goodbye to switching between project windows and applications, and say hello to a more integrated development environment.

Check out the Latest version of Windows Insider at Microsoft

Windows Insiders can participate in helping to shape the next version of windows, and with the new Insider Preview, there are some new features to try. Participation in the Windows Insiders Program is free, and available through your windows device, and by joining you will get the simplest way to gain early access into new Windows features.  As an Insider, you’ll have access to features that aren’t in the main release yet. You’ll also be able to give feedback on the newest features to help impact the final release.  Join the Windows Insiders Program today and get ahead of the curve.


Windows Copilot and Dev Home are game-changing tools for developers, both new and experienced. These AI-powered tools make coding more accessible, efficient and, consequently, more productive. With their tailored functionalities, developers can keep track of their tasks and resources with ease. These tools foster innovation and efficiency by working seamlessly with various other applications and software used by developers worldwide. When it comes to the future of development, Microsoft’s focus on automating and simplifying tasks is the step forward developers needed. Empower yourself and your organization today by getting Windows Copilot and Dev Home.


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